About Us

Developed by Athletes.

A group of athletes decided to come together and design products that would motivate people to leave their fears behind, take chances and climb the highest mountains ahead.

Most important of all, they wanted to help people like them - people who don't know a life without motion, without sports. And so, Active Rock was born.

Designed for lives in motion.

At Active Rock, we design and engineer innovative socks with the specific needs of a sport in mind, and for all types of athletes, regardless of skill level.

Socks that help you run that extra mile, climb that mountain and motivate you to do more than your mind tells you, you can.

Active Rock's performance-enhancing, durable, breathable, and sweat-wicking socks will help anyone stay active, while their feet stay comfortable.

Plant-based Sustainable Yarns.

Our plant-based yarns are specifically chosen to be sustainable and eco-friendly. We use natural fibers such as bamboo fibers - perfect for the active athlete.

Whether you need superior moisture wicking in your sports socks or extra cushioning, our bamboo fibers will deliver just that.
Bamboo uses 38x less land to grow than cotton and 200x less water to grow and manufacture.

Keeping feet cool while providing optimal comfort and support.

We know that every little detail counts when it comes to performing at peak level and that's why we've developed this new line of quality socks with features like breathable mesh panels, arch support, and quick-drying fabrics.

‍ Whether you're playing football or running marathons, our Active Rock socks have the perfect combination of style, function and comfort so you can hit your highest potential on the field or track.

Get ready to take your sports game to a whole new level with Active Rock!